photo of Megan Bowers, owner

My name is Megan Bowers and I’m the face behind Three Melons Bake Shop!! 

I began my baking hobby as a child making Christmas cookies every year with my family.  I also grew up loving art, always taking art classes throughout school. 

Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 when I was able to become a stay at home mama to our second daughter.  My creative juices are always flowing and I wanted a way to express my creativity and still provide a bit for my family, so I started making cupcakes for family and friends.  Cupcakes then turned into cakes and then suddenly came my love of custom-decorated sugar cookies. One single order for pig cookies for my former employer (a local university) turned into a sudden new career and Three Melons Bake Shop was born.  

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to create mini works of art in so many different ways using such simple ingredients, all of which are edible. My love of art and baking has made an incredible opportunity to spread happiness in the form of food art, while working from home and enjoying my family.  It brings me so much joy to think of how many wonderful celebrations my work has been a part of. 

I’m the proud wife of a Battalion Chief (firefighter/paramedic) and mama to two beautiful little girls who are my world (Abby and Leah), a dog named Ollie, and 6 chickens who supply fresh eggs for my baking.  While I’m not elbow-deep in icing, I enjoy traveling, cheering for the Washington Nationals, enjoying iced tea, and enjoying time with my family where we live in Woodstock, Virginia.

I follow Virginia’s Cottage Food Laws and my shop is not inspected by the State Health Services or local health department.

Three Melons was established on March 27, 2017.



Three Melons Bake Shop, LLC was named for myself and our two daughters because we all have what our family calls, “melon heads”.