When it comes to gourmet custom baked goods, pricing isn’t so black and white. Each item made in my kitchen is hand made with the best ingredients. These little pieces of art are customized for each client; therefore, pricing reflects the nature of the work and high quality ingredients. Some orders may have just a few designs and colors while other cookies are made with intricate piping, edible watercolor painting, and gold details! Then, there’s packaging. All of these things factor into how unique your order and pricing will be.Below is simply a guideline with some examples of pricing but for an exact quote, please complete my Inquiry Form.

Thank you for allowing me creative freedom in designing your order.

  • Signature


    Mid-level detailing; which may include additional colors, small florals, minimal watercolor, some logos, and some 'character-inspired' themes. 2-3 designs per dozen.

    Starting at $4 per cookie

  • Premium

    This tier includes all the bells and whistles. The sky's the limit. Cookies may include high-end/fine detailing, metallics, wafer paper, full watercolor, detailed logos, all characters, etc.

    Starting at $5 per cookie

  • Corporate Gifts & Logos

    Impress your clients, customers and employees with custom cookies. Customize gift baskets, sets, or single cookies for events with your logo, slogan, or anything else specific to your brand, company or products.

    Prices vary.

  • Cookie Favors

    Cookies are a great option for favors for your guests, corporate events, dessert tables or bars and make great gifts for your celebrations. Guest favor sugar cookies range in price and are based on the cookie size, overall design, and packaging.

    Prices vary.

  • Cookie Gift Set

    Cookie Baskets & Gift Sets

    Say something special with a custom cookie basket or boxed set!  They’re great for anniversaries, birthdays, congrats, babies, new homes, co-workers, thank you’s, and so much more.


    Gift baskets are available for 1/2 dozen or one dozen cookies.  The cookies will come individually wrapped and placed in a small basket with paper shred and tulle/ribbon (see image below).  Pricing is based on the design of the cookies.

    Smaller boxed gift sets are also available and prices vary based on the number of cookies included and level of detail.

  • Mini's & Mix & Match


    Minimal designs with 1 design per dozen. No more than 2 colors (plus white/black). 1.5-2.25" cookies. Minimum of 2 dozen required.
    Starting at $2.50 per cookie.



    These combos feature an assortment of shapes, designs and sizes. Minimum of 18 cookies; 1 design per 1/2 dozen. Prices vary.

Additional Information


Allergy Info.:  I have a tree nut allergy so I do not bake with tree nuts at all.  I sometimes bake with peanuts/peanut butter, if requested, and they are in my home.  My cookies contain dairy, wheat, and eggs. I currently do not offer gluten-free cookies. If you have an allergy, please contact me before placing an order.

Flavors:  Cookies are a pure vanilla bean sugar cookie with a vanilla royal-glaze icing. Other cookie flavors are available as specials or by request for an additional fee.

Packaging Options:  All cookies come loosely packaged in a bakery box. Cookies can be individually heat sealed in cellophane bags for an additional charge. Cookies bagged and tied with a coordinating ribbon or raffia cost also incur an additional charge. If you need to ship your cookies, wrapping them to be ready for shipping is available for a fee.

Sizing: Standard cookies are around 3-4 inches and are considered the average size.  This is the most requested size. Large are considered 4.5+ inches. Mini’s are 1-2.75 inches.

Storage:  Cookies will stay good in an airtight container for up to at least 2 weeks. Cookies can also be frozen for several months. When freezing cookies, use a freezer ziplock bag or an airtight container. Place a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper in between each layer of cookies.  Be sure to thaw and let the cookies come to room temperature in the original container and bag to prevent colors from bleeding and condensation buildup.  Additional tips on caring for your cookies will come with your order.

Gift Cards: Yes! I have gift certificates for the amount of your choice.  They're available in my shop.

Discounts: I do not offer discounts. The amount of time and thought that goes into each individual cookie is precious to me, particularly since I work from home and have two young daughters. I take great pride in my work and sincerely enjoy what I do. While I know my prices may not be cheap, I know they are worth it.  One way to think about it…you’re getting a Porsche, not a Prius. 

Donations:  I will gladly donate items to local non-profit organizations for door prizes, raffles, etc., if I have availability and it’s for a cause that is near and dear to me.  I only do a very limited amount of donations per year.  Please send requests via email with details to RE: Donation.